Rice : Basmati & Non-Basmati
We have a rice-milling unit, consisting state of the art machineries and advanced technological tools through which we produce high quality rice as per the requirements of our customers.
We supply wide range of Basmati Rice and Long Grain Non Basmati Rice that is cultivated from the finest farms of India.

We supply rice at most reasonable price in the marketplace. The rice prices may however vary according to the volume of supply and demand in the marketplace. Our product variants are available in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg bags.

We do customized packaging and Private Label as per customers orders.

Packaging: Non Woven Fabric Bag PP / PE Bag HDPE / PolyPet Plastic/ BOPP Pouch or Bags.

Rice Varieties available for Exports/ Supplies are:
- Basmati Rice  
- Pusa Sella Basmati Rice  
- Pusa White Basmati Rice  
- Parboiled Basmati Rice  
- Steam Basmati Rice  
- Long Grain Rice  
- PR 11 Parboiled Long Grain Rice  
- PR 11 Steam Long Grain Rice  
- Pusa 1121 Rice  
- Pusa 1121 Golden Rice  
- Pusa 1121 Parboiled Rice  
- Pusa 1121 Sella Rice  
- Pusa 1121 Steam Rice  
- Pusa 1121 White Rice  
- Sharbati Rice  
- Golden Sharbati Rice  
- Parboiled Sharbati Rice  
- Parmal White Non Basmati Rice  
- IR 64 Parboiled Rice  



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