HMS 1&2
HMS 1&2 (80:20) ISRI 200-206
Standards - HMS 1 & 2 (80:20) ISRI 200-206
Price - Mail Us to check Current HMS 1&2 Prices
Origin - Europe, Central America, South American Countries
Quantities - From 250 MT to 10,000 MT evey Month
Loading - In 20 Ft , 40 Ft Containers and Bulk Vessel
Specifications -
The scrap consists out of a mix of mill scrap (stampings, cuttings, bars, etc.), Industrial scrap (nuts, bolts, misc. pieces, etc), auto and truck frames and bodies, railroad scrap (wheels, axles, parts of locomotives and carriages, etc.), ship scrap (fittings, plate pieces, parts), construction scrap (plate, bars, angle pieces, rods, steel pipe, etc.) and miscellaneous commercial scrap (appliance casings, frames and parts, etc.).

The scrap will also be totally free from any types of bombs, arms and ammunition, mines, shell, cartridges, sealed containers, gas cylinders, explosive shells or explosive materials in any form either used or otherwise.




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